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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2017, 3:39 PM

Never Seen A Catgirl Before by mandalorianjedi
I'm not dead yet! by mandalorianjedi Eleanor by mandalorianjedi Kamellot by mandalorianjedi Winnie by mandalorianjedi Judy Hopps by mandalorianjedi Jinx by mandalorianjedi Terraria by mandalorianjedi Malon by mandalorianjedi Ahrihihi by mandalorianjedi Lucky Star Furry by mandalorianjedi

Until further notice, I am offering commissions, but not for your money; for donations to Avery.

My good friend's baby, Avery, is sick. He has a reoccurring case of Neuroblastoma, which is a form of Cancer. He has had a tumour removed a while ago, but it has resurfaced again. He has to go through Chemotherapy and expenses + time off work is really hard on the family. As a surprise, a group of his friends decided to start a donation for the family to make the very best of the situation.
Cancer is a jerk who has defeated many of my friends, so this time I will not go down without a fight.
Anyone who donates at least 30$ to Avery, and forwards a copy of their receipt to my email (, gets a free character commission.* This way you know 100% I am not running off with your money. All donations go directly to Avery. I do not get a cent of it.

Even if you can't or won't donate, feel free to share my offer to others.

Commissions For Hope by mandalorianjedi

*Commissions are limited to 1 character with basic backgrounds. Date to expect them depends on how many people participate. I reserve the right to turn down a commission idea if I deem it overly complicated, or inappropriate.

Who from Jenna's Blog ( needs more attention? 

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Lord Johnathan Hatton
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Cartoonist, Kendo Practitioner, Security Guard, Catgirl Enthusiast, Linguist, and full-time Dork.


Q: Can I post your artwork somewhere else?
A: With or without permission, you're free to post it under these three simple conditions:
1: No money involved.
2. A proper credit is displayed. Preferred with link to the original.
3. You won't claim it's yours unless it's a collaboration between us. (which happened only once I think)

Q: What if it's a commissioned artwork you made for me, am I free to do whatever I want with it?
A: Commissioned artworks can be confusing. By law, the work still belongs to the artist as the commissioner hired them to make it happen, not own the rights to it, however rights can be purchased upon contracting where the picture will then belong to you and you may do with it as you wish.

Q: I made a fanart of your work. Should I credit you?
A: It's not required, but I would appreciate it.

Q: I made something that was inspired by your work. Should I credit you?
A: You don't have to, but DA policies would rather you did.

Q: Can I cosplay one of your works?
A: Please do! Actually show me a picture if you can. I'd love it.


Q: What program do you use for drawing/animating/programing?
A: Macromedia Flash MX 2004 on PC.

Q: Do you use tablets?
A: Yes. Wacom Intuos 4 and 5 depending on the computer I'm on.


Q: Can I request an artwork from you?
A: Sorry, I only do requests for close friends, or if it's something I REALLY feel like doing. Rarely will I say yes to a stranger's random request.

Q: Are you available for commissions?
A: Yes. Note me. I do require a percentage in advance before I begin (It's not you, it's me. I've seen one too many scammers). I have done illustrations, character concepts, animations, simple games, comics, merchandise and logos for people all around the world. I also suggest browsing my recent pages before commissioning me.

Q: Do you do Art Trades?
A: Not often anymore. I have had a large number of individuals who have agreed to do a trade, which resulted in me giving them art and me getting nothing in return. I am rather selective now, but I'll still do it.

Q: Have you ever considered making tutorials?
A: Not really. I have made a couple based entirely on specific questions asked how I do something specific. I've always had issues with instructors in art telling you the "correct" way to make art, so I don't want to get mixed up in that. I'll gladly explain if posed how I do something specific though, but don't take it as how art MUST be done.


Q: What school did you attend to learn how to (insert art-related verb here)
A: University of Manitoba. Though most of it is self taught as they mostly only covered traditional arts and art history in school.

Q: Where did you learn how to (insert art-related verb here)
A: Experimenting and online tutorials. I won't pretend to be a perfectly developed artist with a high educated art background. I just draw a lot and like to do it.

Q: What's your inspiration in creating art?
A: I'm a horrible person. I don't really feel like I get real inspiration. I just draw what I feel like. It normally ends up with boobs... and hips... and not a lot of clothes...

Q: How long did you practice drawing to get to the level you're at now?
A: I drew comics since before I can even remember. I got in a lot of trouble in all my school years for it (even university art school believe it or not). I am improving everyday so I don't feel like I'm really at a set skill level as it is a constant learning progression.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I'm Canadian, eh? Originally from Nova Scotia, but lived most of my life in Winnipeg.

Q: Do you draw for a living?
A: No. I draw for money, but I don't make enough to live off cartooning alone, so I am a security guard on the side.


Q: Why all the scantily clad catgirls?
A: I love cats, and I love scantily clad girls. Mix them together and you get the best of both worlds!

Q: Don't you think that's demeaning towards women?
A: I honestly do not. I don't want to get into a debate about it, but I'm a pretty big feminist and I feel that there is a strong difference between sexy and sexist. Because someone is showing skin and has boobs, does not mean that they are not people.

Q: Who is that blond bikini wearing catgirl you keep posting?
A: That is my mascot, Gata Atomo.
PIE by mandalorianjedi
Originally designed for a contest to help me with female anatomy, she became the thing people online started to remember me by, so she just kind of... stuck around...

Q: Why don't you draw more (insert something that's not catgirls)?
A: I tried. I can't. It's addictive, and most of my watchers by now are watching me for that reason.

Q: Have you ever considered drawing porn/hentai?
A: No. I stand my ground when it comes to that and refuse. I will admit to drawing eye-candy/ecchi/softcore (hinted but not blatant subject matter), but I will not draw porn. You will even note that you can't even see any naughty bits in my gallery unless it is based off another piece of historical art.

Q: Speaking of girls, are you single? I want your babies.
A: Sorry, I am married and no, my wife does not mind my scantily clad catgirls.

Q: Who is your wife? Can you link her page?
A: No. I love her too much to risk getting her involved in any of my online drama.


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